Weight Management

Biotic & Fibre Complex

If you are looking for long lasting and gentle support in detox, bowel cleanse, probiotic and weight management, our Biotic & Fibre Complex offers a natural all-in-one option for all your body's needs.


BodyFuel Hemp Protein

BodyFuel Hemp Protein combines a diverse blend of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, fibre and herbs, with a natural protein from hemp (46g per 100g of product). If you are looking for an easy to digest and non-bloating alternative to traditional dairy-based protein powders, BodyFuel Hemp Protein is a perfect option for you.


BodyFuel Pea Protein

BodyFuel Pea Protein combines antioxidant-rich superfoods, herbs and concentrated Snap Pea protein (76.2g per 100g of product) in order to create an easy to digest, non-bloating and nutrient-dense formula, designed to offer support for your digestive health, immune system, stamina and energy levels.


Complete Fibre Complex

Our Complete Fibre Complex supplies you with 513mg of dietary fibre in each capsule taken. A varied blend of soluble and insoluble fibre derived from Psyllium Husk, Sugar Beet and Flaxseed, alongside other nutrient-dense foods and herbs, contribute to a healthy and regular bowel function as well as gentle detoxification and colon cleanse.


Fluid Balance Complex

Fluid Balance Complex has been developed especially for problems relating to excessive level of fluids within the body, whether associated with hormonal or kidney issues. Our unique combination of effective herbs, vitamins and nutrients is designed to support optimal fluid and hormonal balance within the body whilst encouraging a gentle and effective detox.


Garcinia Cambogia Complex

Garcinia Cambogia Complex is an all-round weight management supplement containing a broad scope of 'carb blocker' ingredients known to aid in reaching optimal metabolism by increasing the burn rate of carbohydrates and fats whilst looking after your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


Green Coffee Bean Complex

Green Coffee Bean Complex offers a natural yet powerful take on weight loss supplements. Our raw, unroasted coffee beans provide the equivalent of 8000mg of green coffee bean powder with 50% rate of Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) and addition of Cinnamon, Cayenne, Kelp and Chromium, making our formula super- concentrated in aid of appetite control and optimal weight management.


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