What is Bioresonance?

Bioresonance Therapy is based upon measurement of the changes in the flow of the energy within the body. This is done by the use of very sensitive electronic probe and is completely painless. The only thing you will feel during the therapy is the pressure of the probe on the acupressure points on your skin.

The aim of Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) is to restore the body’s optimal ability to self-regulate itself.

How does it work?

Bioresonance works thanks to the physical phenomenon called electromagnetic resonance.

We utilize it in our everyday life though the use of TV, radio and mobile phones. The antennae built into our devices are designed to pick up only those electromagnetic oscillations which are a match to their own oscillations- thus we can listen to different radio channels by changing the recieving frequency on the dial.

Human body can be perceived as a sea of energy. This energy is made out of electromagnetic fields which in turn are created from physical oscillations.

These oscillations govern all of the processes which happen within our bodies. Each of our cells is constantly sending and receiving oscillations of a particular to itself amplitude and frequency.

Many of hospitals are using EEG devices, which are designed to measure ‘brainwaves’ in order to help in diagnosing. In the case of Bioresonance, we are using electromagnetic oscillations of the human body as well as any external factors like allergens, toxins, viruses and bacteria- everything has its own electromagnetic imprint. Bioresonance device is capable of reading and recognizing these signals, just like your radio reads the signal through its antennae.

Bioresonance testing allows for a very detailed analysis of energy in internal organs which can relate to:

  • allergies & intolerances,
  • hormonal imbalances
  • vitamin & mineral deficiencies
  • viruses,
  • bacteria (including borrelia-the cause of Lyme’s disease)
  • parasites

In recent years Bioresonance has been most commonly used for:

  • various allergies (food, seasonal, dust, pet hair)
  • parasitic, viral and bacterial infections
  • psychosomatic problems (IBS, anxiety, depression, fatigue)
  • joint and muscle pain (of various origin)
  • inflammatory and degenerative diseases
  • and many more (we have several thousand programmes!)

Bioresonance treatments can be divided into two categories:

  • regulatory: which are aimed at supporting in regeneration of specific organs, e.g. liver, kidneys, lungs
  • neutralization of toxic loads: which include aid in desensitizing to allergens, heavy metal detox,  destruction of pathogens (e.g. candida, borrelia)

Every illness is characterized by a change in the electromagnetic oscillations of specific organs (indicating a problem and its nature) as well as appearance of oscillations specific to the toxic load which is present (whether it’s a virus, bacteria, heavy metals, etc.).

With the help of Bioresonance, we can help to influence organs to renew themselves and, through the neutralization of harmful oscillations, we ca support in initiating their:

  • removal from the body, if we are dealing with toxins and heavy metals
  • destruction, in case of staph infections, Borrelia or Candida
  • desensitization, in case of allergens

When will I notice effects of my treatment?

Most of our clients report a noticeable difference just after their first treatment.

Depending on the case, it is possible that the improvement will be seen later on, as the body starts to detoxify and rebalance itself after a series of therapeutic sessions. This is why drinking plenty of water is of a crucial importance both before and after each treatment.


Bioresonance is a safe and well-tolerated method of diagnosis and treatment but it should not be used in pregnant women or people with recently fitted pacemakers, heraing aids or those who have a history of transplant surgery.