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Top Tips for Indigestion

We all have experienced indigestion at one time or another. Even if you are not prone to it on a regular basis, you may have noticed an uneasiness in your stomach after overindulging yourself on one occasion or another, like after family gathering, Christmas, Birthday parties and so on…

There are many reasons for indigestion, from occasional overindulgence as mentioned above, through stress, fatigue and overall poor diet or even parasites and fungal infections.

How do I know if I have indigestion?

Indigestion is usually diagnosed based on symptoms which most often include:

  • Bloating
  • Belching (burping)
  • Acid Reflux
  • Heartburn and heaviness
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue and feeling of dullness

Note: If you suffer from a severe, chronic indigestion, it could be a sign of a stomach ulcer or inflammation which could have a negative impact on your whole digestive tract.

Best options to remedy indigestion

Widely-advertised antacids suppress the production of stomach acid. The main issue here is that they tend to create what is commonly known as an ‘acid-rebound’ effect where your body produces even MORE acid than it did before (talk about a vicious circle!). In addition, they often contain aluminium salts which may add onto the heavy metal toxicity of your body which comes with a whole new array of problems.

So the question is: will it be the proverbial last straw which broke the camel’s back? How much more can your body take?

What are your other options?

Homeopathy can be very effective in dealing with both chronic and occasional cases of indigestion. The key lies in matching the correct remedy to your experience, i.e.

  • If your indigestion is linked to overindulgence in alcohol, stimulants or rich & spicy foods (as in a post-Saturday Night Out syndrome with an added hangover) then you could seriously consider taking Nux Vomica- a remedy most commonly used when the food lies on your stomach like a stone, you have an acid or bitter reflux and feel overall chilly.
  • If you simply suffer every time you eat something too fat, you could look at getting a dose or two of Pulsatilla or Carbo Veg. The difference here is that Pulsatilla can still taste the food they ate for ages afterwards whilst Carb Veg will have a lot of burps and feel tired and sleepy.
  • If you are not a fan of antacids yet your indigestion in of a long standing, you could take Nat Phos, a biochemic tissue salt which is widely-known for its acid-calming properties with NO acid-rebound effect!
Top 10 Herbs for Indigestion
Top 10 Herbs for Indigestion based on Traditional Usage

There are also plenty of herbal options, depending on the type of indigestion you are experiencing, e.g.

  • Anise- traditionally used in order to relieve indigestion with a lot of mucousy reflux and to improve appetite
  • Artichoke- considered as a liver supporting herb, usually taken for abdominal pain, heartburn and bloating
  • Cayenne- most commonly used by people with sluggish digestion and metabolism
  • Chamomile- ideal for cases of ‘nervous’ stomachs with a lot of cramps and gas
  • Gentian- commonly used to stimulate stomach and gallbladder secretions in cases where there is too little stomach acid
  • Geranium- traditionally used to decrease acidity, relieve pain and help in healing ulcers
  • Liquorice, Slippery Elm & Marshmallow- most useful when dealing with inflamed stomach lining due to their promotion of a protective mucous
  • Peppermint- most commonly used to neutralize excess acidity and spasms

If you are looking herbal and food supplements which were specially selected in order to provide support for digestion, why not visit our online store?

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If you would like to address the way your body is reacting to certain foods or bring balance back to your digestion rather than taking temporary measures, you could try bioresonance or homeopathic treatment.

What Happened in Our Clinic This week

What happened in our Clinic this week? Homeopathy

Shared with patient’s permission:

47 years old lady, suffering from inflamed varicose veins with the beginning of varicose eczema.
The problem started 19 years ago after giving birth to her first child and, since then, it got gradually worse.

After 1 month of homeopathic treatment, her veins were less inflamed and not as tender to touch anymore.
After 3 months, the whole area became lighter in colour and appearance of the veins has much improved.

“I’m very pleased with the treatment, my leg looks and feels much better, I can bear to stand at work for longer without having to suffer for it when I get back home. I thought I was going to have to resort to surgery but now I’m hoping to avoid it”

Could homeopathic treatment be right for you?

We offer FREE 15 minute discovery calls, please Contact us with any questions or to book your slot.

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Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today

Is your present clouded by the ‘if only’?

I could’ve…
I should’ve…
I would’ve….

Are you carrying your past with you?
Is it weighing you down?
Does it colour your current experiences?
Maybe it’s something you wish you could let go of but, no matter how hard you try, it just keeps coming back to haunt you?

Did you know that homeopathy could help you:
🌷 live more in the present moment
🌷 let go of painful memories
🌷 go through stressful events and situations with more ease
🌷 find clarity in times of turmoil
🌷 reconnect with yourself to find the peace within

We offer 15 minute FREE introductory consultations, both online and face to face.
If you would like to book your slot or ask us any questions, please get in touch.

To find out more about homeopathic treatment, you can have a look here.

What about Mental Health?

We’re in the middle of the Mental Health Awareness Week.

I am aware that there are so many weeks and days dedicated to certain illnesses and syndromes but Mental Health has been, up until very recent years, something not openly spoken about.

The trend used to be: is you can’t physically see any changes, it’s not a real illness, so just ‘get on with it’…

…and so people did.

Covering up their depression more than they would some ungainly scars.

Avoiding anxiety-triggering situations just as they would waterlogged roads.

But the problem was: things like this seldom got better on their own.

One trend remained: suppression.

Just like suppressing any unwanted spots with creams, people started suppressing their unwanted emotions. Emotions they didn’t feel comfortable with or emotions they knew others would not approve of, after all, we live in an era where if you don’t fit a rigid image of perfection, your worth as a person is greatly diminished.

So we go on, putting pressure on ourselves in order to fit in certain rigid frames of what is now considered a ‘norm’ for being a man, woman, mother, father, worker, friend, etc. and often forget to nourish what makes us so much more than just our role, label or title.

The truth is that nobody has come to this world with a full set of copying skills. This is something we all pick up on our journey of life. So next time you look at someone and think that they ‘have it good’ for whatever reason, don’t be so quick to make this assumption. Most of us have learnt by now how to hide our doubts and fears.

Another truth is: we are all suffering.  There is not a person in this world who wouldn’t carry doubt, fear, sadness or grief in their hearts at some point in their lives… and it’s okay. What is not okay is making it sound like some sort of phenomenon… or making people feel isolated because, all of a sudden, they don’t fit the mold anymore.

We are all conected by our experiences and the experience of suffering is a universal one; but what makes your suffering different to the suffering of any other person is You.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of complementary-medicine.co.uk.png

There might be another person suffering from depression but their depression might be hiding under an overly friendly fascade whilst all you want to do is sit in your bedroom with the curtains drawn shut- who’s to say which one of you is suffering more?

There might be another person suffering from anxiety, yet their anxiety can involve the trouble of getting out of the house, whilst yours centres around fear of dogs- who’s to say which one is more valid?

Some people can start having mental health problems after witnessing an act of violence, accident, grief, dissapointment, unexpected news or difficulties… there is not one reason which would make your difficulties more or less valid than those of anyone else.

Yes, we might be sharing a collective experience of mental health problems but their very expression will be different, filtered through the scope of each one of ours life experiences and symptoms.

Fortunately, talking therapies, like counselling and CBT are becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so!

Another approach, which could be used alongside any other therapy or on it’s own is homeopathy.

Homeopathic treatment doesn’t treat just your depression or anxiety but puts a focus on you as a whole person with the symptoms you are experiencing and that what caused them- what is it about you that made you so sensitive or vulnerable to develop them in the first place– and, through discovering of all that, choosing the most appropriate aproach to treatment.

Homeopathy could help ypu:

  • ease the overwhelming intensity of your emotions
  • make you feel more balanced and grounded
  • help with concentration and memory
  • improve sleep
  • tackle any stressful situations
  • overcome fears and phobias
  • deal with any past traumas
  • bring harmony back to your life

Did you know that we offer 15 minute FREE introductory calls to see if our approach could help you? Contact Us to find out more.

How does Healing happen?

What can you expect when you start your homeopathic treatment?

I’ve been recently asked to put a time frame on a certain chronic condition and I refused to do it because I did not know the breath of the problem and everything it entailed.

It made me realise that choosing homeopathy is often taken as a leap of faith… just like so many other things in life!

So… how does the healing happen?

Did you know that healing is a process, just like everything else in life? It’s not an instant yet short lived solution as offered by pain killers or antihistamines; it’s a journey to an overall better health which is wrought by its ups and downs.

Every each one of us is unique, carries different set of life experiences and sensitivities. This is why we should not be trying to categorize our healing into strict timeframes, it happens at our individual pace, depending on a vast variety of factors, like age, overall level of health, length of the disease, obstacles in form of lifestyle choices or addictions..

We don’t give ourselves a time limit before we become unwell yet we have grown so used to quick and short-lived fixes, that we often become impatient…

The process of healing is like a road which sometimes bends, dips, takes sharp turns, but, inevitably, leads to a pinnacle of improved vitality and freedom from pain.

Saying all that, the road to improved health usually consists of 5 stages which often appear in a sequence after each other.

The First Stage of Healing is characterised by a marked improvement of the troublesome symptoms which gives hope and marks a promise that you CAN get better. Your situation is not hopeless, despite of what you might have been thinking.

The Second Stage of Healing is where the previous improvement is still present yet the action seemed to have stalled- the symptoms got better but are still not at the optimal level. It’s like you encountered a sudden obstacle in your way which made you unable to proceed any further.

The Third stage of Healing is the Crisis. You were getting better and, all of a sudden, you came down with an acute illness, your skin broke out in a rash you didn’t have for the previous 20 years or you seem to have developed a case of seriously disordered bowels! Fear not, as your vitality improves, all of the toxins which were getting accumulated in your body are finally being removed. It can happen through any of the ways mentioned above as well as through increased perspiration, tears or even dreams.

The Fourth Stage of Healing is marked by relief. Every subsequent crisis becomes less intense, shorter in its duration and is followed by a greater sense of wellbeing. You can see here that every drawback is merely a preparation for a leap forward.

The Fifth Stage of Healing is the Acceleration! Now that you dealt with every setback and cleared the path, there is nothing hindering you from just getting better and reaching the pinnacle of your health. What a journey it has been!


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