How does Healing happen?

What can you expect when you start your homeopathic treatment?

I’ve been recently asked to put a time frame on a certain chronic condition and I refused to do it because I did not know the breath of the problem and everything it entailed.

It made me realise that choosing homeopathy is often taken as a leap of faith… just like so many other things in life!

So… how does the healing happen?

Did you know that healing is a process, just like everything else in life? It’s not an instant yet short lived solution as offered by pain killers or antihistamines; it’s a journey to an overall better health which is wrought by its ups and downs.

Every each one of us is unique, carries different set of life experiences and sensitivities. This is why we should not be trying to categorize our healing into strict timeframes, it happens at our individual pace, depending on a vast variety of factors, like age, overall level of health, length of the disease, obstacles in form of lifestyle choices or addictions..

We don’t give ourselves a time limit before we become unwell yet we have grown so used to quick and short-lived fixes, that we often become impatient…

The process of healing is like a road which sometimes bends, dips, takes sharp turns, but, inevitably, leads to a pinnacle of improved vitality and freedom from pain.

Saying all that, the road to improved health usually consists of 5 stages which often appear in a sequence after each other.

The First Stage of Healing is characterised by a marked improvement of the troublesome symptoms which gives hope and marks a promise that you CAN get better. Your situation is not hopeless, despite of what you might have been thinking.

The Second Stage of Healing is where the previous improvement is still present yet the action seemed to have stalled- the symptoms got better but are still not at the optimal level. It’s like you encountered a sudden obstacle in your way which made you unable to proceed any further.

The Third stage of Healing is the Crisis. You were getting better and, all of a sudden, you came down with an acute illness, your skin broke out in a rash you didn’t have for the previous 20 years or you seem to have developed a case of seriously disordered bowels! Fear not, as your vitality improves, all of the toxins which were getting accumulated in your body are finally being removed. It can happen through any of the ways mentioned above as well as through increased perspiration, tears or even dreams.

The Fourth Stage of Healing is marked by relief. Every subsequent crisis becomes less intense, shorter in its duration and is followed by a greater sense of wellbeing. You can see here that every drawback is merely a preparation for a leap forward.

The Fifth Stage of Healing is the Acceleration! Now that you dealt with every setback and cleared the path, there is nothing hindering you from just getting better and reaching the pinnacle of your health. What a journey it has been!


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