Croupy cough


Croup is a type of a viral laryngitis caused by a parainfluenza virus (yes, the same family as the Flu) which tends to affect children under the age of 5, especially those suffering from asthma, hay fever or any other allergies.

Croup is characterised by a hollow, barking cough, hoarseness and noisy breathing. It can be accompanied by a fever, restlessness and vomiting (usually as a result of cough).

What often starts off as an ordinary cold quickly turns into series of anxiety-filled sleepless nights, as that’s when the coughing and gagging attacks usually appear.

If you ever witnessed your child sitting up bolt straight at midnight, coughing without end, you will know what I mean- how it feels when your heart fills with dread, trying to calculate whether it would be quicker to put them in the car and go to A&E or call for an ambulance? Can they breathe between the coughing spells? Are they done coughing? Are they okay now? Will they start again in 5 minutes? When croup hits the household, there is no chance for a restful sleep!

What can you do if your child develops croup?

Majority of cases see an improvement on contact with humid air, so you can try to sit 20 minutes in a steamy bathroom or wrap up and go outside where the air is cool and fresh.

I have some good news for you- homeopathy is very effective when it comes to dealing with croup!

The treatment is usually dependent on the stage of the croup:

  • whether it is treated at its very first signs, i.e. there is a sudden onset and all the symptoms common to cold are also present
  • if it’s already well established, i.e. where the fever has gone but the nightly attacks of coughing have come on in a full swing
  • or if it’s almost gone but there are some troublesome symptoms, like weakness, remaining cough or hoarseness which does not seem to go away.

Whilst most of cases of croup are mild, there are cases where the cough causes distress and breathing problems. Such cases need urgent medical attention!

Although croup is considered as an acute illness, in order to develop it in the first place, there needs to be a weakness present, a peculiar susceptibility.

Why is it that some children tend to suffer from croup multiple times through the years and some don’t experience it at all? How can we explain it within communities and families, where we come to contact with the same viruses, yet not all of us succumb to them, and even if we do, we are affected by them to a different degree?

This is what homeopathy deals with at its best- not only dealing with the problem through prescription of a therapeutic remedy, but at addressing the root cause, the inner weakness which allowed for it to happen.

If you are interested in how homeopathic approach could help you and your family, contact us to book your 15 minute FREE introductory skype call.

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