The Importance of Balance

When you think about it, everything in this world is depending on balance in order to work properly.

Plants need different types of mineral compounds in order to thrive; if you continuously feed them too much or too little water or plant them in a deficient soil, they will develop diseases or die.

Animals which are deprived of their habitat or fed inadequately suffer greatly and can develop diseases.

We are no different!

The same rules apply to our bodies: when we are out of balance emotionally, we often suffer from physical symptoms (psychosomatic, as doctors like to call them) like cramps or headaches; or mental ones, where we can experience difficulty concentrating or remembering things.

Likewise, when we suffer from a physical illness, our mental and emotional wellbeing is affected!

Why would you need separate medications for gastric ulcer, anxiety and IBS? It’s a chain reaction stemming from the same internal imbalance. Wouldn’t it be better to address it at its root cause and, instead of just soothing the outwards symptoms, resolve them permanently?

All systems in our bodies rely on a harmonious balance in order to work to their full potential.
This is why homeopathic treatment takes into consideration the whole person, not just their arthritis, fibromylagia or depression.
Homeopath looks behind the symptoms and their descriptions in order to find a pattern of suffering which is unique for all of us and this is what he bases his prescription on.

Would you like to know what homeopathy could do to help you?
Why not give us a call on 07913902229 or message us to book your free 15 minute introductory skype or telephone consultation?

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